Leventon Logistics Industrial Warehouse

Barcelona | Spain

JG Ingenieros has provided the coordination service of the project and construction of the warehouse promoted by Goodman and built by Inbisa by technical delegation of Leventon and project and management of the implementation of Leventon. The projected building is located in the “Polígono de Can Margarit” in Sant Esteve de Sesrovires, with a total constructed area of 17,407.23 m².

The warehouse has a maximum height of 12.50 m at the top of the façade, with a useful interior height of 10.00 m. We worked hand in hand with the property for the design of civil works of the interior partitions (offices, SAS, warehouses, sterilization) for the production process. Leventon was also advised to fit its production needs into the construction phase by the owner.

For this warehouse, the design and development of the internal facilities for the production process were carried out: electricity, air conditioning, cold ring for injectors, compressed air production and distribution system, plumbing/sanitation facilities, communications system and BMS. Design of the sterilization room facilities (ATEX) and reports for their legalization. The construction of a new electrical production center was necessary due to the increase in electrical production needs.

Promoter: Leventon

Architect: JG Ingenieros

Facilities budget: €5 million

End: 2020

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