“Miref Quince” Offices

Barcelona | Spain

JG Ingenieros has developed the engineering project and the construction management of the facilities of a set composed of five buildings, four of them interconnected with each other. The main image of the set is made up of buildings 1 and 2 that are the largest volume and dedicated mainly to the use of offices.

JG Ingenieros has participated in buildings 1, 2 and 3.

Building 1
It is the largest building in the complex and whose main façade is oriented to the Avinguda deis Paisos Catalans and is fully occupied by the company Nestlé. In it is located the main access to the complex. The total area of the building is 22,537 m2, of which 13,498 m2 are above ground for office use. The 9,039 m2 located below ground are used for building services, technical areas and a car park with 198 spaces.

Building 2
It is also dedicated to the use of offices in its entirety. Its orientation is the same as that of building 1, although located in the background with respect to the Avinguda deis Paisos Catalans. Its current access is through building 1. The standard floor has an area of 940 m2 with a total area above ground of 8,287 m2 and intended for the use of offices. On the -1 floor is nestled the Nestlé CPD.

Building 3
It is located between buildings 1 and 2, with an above ground area of 1,999 m2 basically intended for services of the whole. Its basement -1 of 1,260 m2 and intended for services and technical areas, it articulates the connection of the 4 main buildings. Among its uses is a bank office of La Caixa, a cafeteria open to the public on the ground floor and a restaurant on the first floor.

Promoter: MIREF QUINCE, S.L.U.

Architecture: TAG a+m

Budget:€8 million


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