ONLINE Engineering

JG Ingenieros brings engineering and consulting services to your workplace or home through digital platforms and online services.

Our commitment is to provide you with access to a wide range of engineering and consulting services quickly, efficiently and accessible, relying on the convenience and flexibility offered by digital tools. We want to avoid, for the good of all, unnecessary travel and waiting to obtain the advice you need.

Consultoría Precertificaciones


In the consulting area you can find a wide range of pre-evaluation forms to, before starting a certification process, know what the starting point of the building is and, based on that, set realistic objectives for the certification process.

Ingeniería Predimensionado de Instalaciones

Pre-sizing of Facilities

In the engineering area we put at your disposal a pre-sizing tool to make a first estimate of the powers, surfaces and locations that must be reserved for the facilities that will serve the building.

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