TEST Digital Services

The objective of this line of activity is the integration of technology with the technical services that we have been developing as an engineering. These services are completed with the provision of software:

  • For the management of the maintenance and technical operation of the building Test JG has developed a new version of the Control and Management software of maintenance MantTest.net.
  • For the integration of different smart solutions in buildings we have developed the platform IRIS JG solutions management, which acts as a “control center” of the building, interacting with all solutions and providing relevant information for users, administrators and for the continuous improvement of the operation of the building.


Test Tecnología de Sistemas has developed a new version of the maintenance control and management software MantTest.net.

It works under an Internet environment and is multi-user and multi-project, so with a single license you can manage an unlimited number of buildings in a particular and / or global way.

The application has been supervised by technicians specialized in Maintenance Engineering, which has allowed the development of a product that adapts to the real needs and way of working of maintenance managers.

For more detailed information you can visit the site www.manttest.net

Iris JG

Iris JG is the Smart solutions integration platform that we are developing at Test JG. It is a key piece of any Smart building, and with it we intend to get closer to the goal of making smart buildings a reality.

Iris JG integrates and programs the interactions between solutions from many different verticals, such as: environmental quality probes, room reservation system, presence control system, maintenance management system and energy consumption monitoring.

This integration allows events generated in one system to trigger actions in others, so that the set of Smart solutions installed in the building works collaboratively.

In addition, any modification of the status of the integrated Smart solutions is reflected in the platform in real time. Modifications in the work orders of the CMMS, alerts when comfort standards are not met, changes in room reservations or in the presence of users, etc.

The platform allows you to navigate through the interior of the BIM model and consult information in real time quickly and intuitively with a simple click on the elements.

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