ESG & Decarbonization

JG Ingenieros offers comprehensive solutions for the management and reporting of environmental, social and corporate governance aspects. We carry out climate risk analysis, evaluation of real estate portfolios in accordance with international standards and preparation of corporate sustainability reports aligned with European regulations. Additionally, we provide consulting for the implementation of decarbonization and circular economy strategies, helping organizations achieve their sustainability and climate change mitigation goals.​



Our services include ESG Reporting & Compliance and specialized decarbonization consulting.

ESG Reporting

EU Green Taxonomy

Decarbonization plans

Circular economy

  • Climate Obsolescence Risk Analysis with CRREM for real estate assets.
  • GRESB evaluation of real estate portfolios.
  • Corporate Sustainability Reports for the Real Estate sector according to GRI and ESRS standards under the requirement of the CSRD ( EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive ), aligned with SBTI .

The verification of the JG Ingenieros Taxonomy covers all issues related to compliance with the DNSH principle and the studies associated with the 6 DNSH criteria are developed :

  1. Climate change mitigation
  2. Adaptation to climate change
  3. Circular economy
  4. Water footprint
  5. Pollution prevention
  6. Biodiversity management
  • Building Embedded and Operational Carbon Footprint Consulting
  • Organizational Carbon Footprint Consulting

Circular Economy Consulting is a service that offers strategies circular design, waste reduction, recycling, reuse and extension of material useful life according to the methodology of the standard LEVELS and the principles of Design for Disassemble.

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