Smart Building

In JG Ingenieros we understand by Smart building that optimizes the benefits for its users based on a triple strategy:

  • Intensive collection of operating data using sensors (conventional and IoT)
  • Interaction with users
  • Analysis of the data collected to generate useful information for continuous improvement (data analytics)

Smart Solutions

The set of Smart solutions are ordered into three main vectors:

The infrastructure of the building

Intelligent management of facilities and infrastructures.

The process that takes place in it

Intelligent management of workspaces, staff operations and supply flow.

Attention to the users of the building

Improved end-user experience.

The service proposal of JG Ingenieros in Smart consulting has four stages:

1. Initial consulting, at a conceptual level.
2. Engineering design.
3. Provision of the IRIS integration platform for smart solutions.
4. Technical management of the start-up and monitoring of the operation.

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