Functional Plans

JG Ingenieros has extensive experience in the implementation of Functional Plans for hospitals and port terminals.

A functional plan is based on a master plan, a strategic planning document in which those responsible for a territory or entity describe their future objectives based on the reality of an environment. It monitors the entire process and establishes a schedule of actions and associated investments.

The functional plan is the document that must specify the requirements of a certain site to fulfill the function demanded and lays the foundations to be able to elaborate the architectural project and determine the necessary human resources and equipment.

We can divide it into the following three sections:

Environment and population analysis

Establishment of the model

Surfaces and Relationships Program

JG Ingenieros can support in the establishment of the model, once fixed, by whom it corresponds, the portfolio of services and can fully develop the program of surfaces and relationships.

In preparation for the architectural project, JG Ingenieros can also prepare the Preliminary Study of implementation in a suitable plot for it.

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