Sustainability Certifications

We are an independent company authorized and affiliated with several sustainable certification schemes. We comply with rigorous sustainability standards and offer objective advice, accompanying the client to guarantee the achievement of their established goals.

Sustainable construction seeks to maximize the health and productivity of occupants, while reducing resource consumption, waste generation and environmental impacts. Sustainability certifications are key to guaranteeing a lower environmental impact.



· BREEAM certification

· LEED Certification

· WELL Certification

· SmartScore Certification

· WiredScore Certification

In consulting, we offer pre-evaluation forms to know the starting point of your building before starting the certification process, helping to establish realistic objectives. Access the form to start your certification!


1. Pre-evaluation: definition of the certification strategy in the report initial advice .

2. Sustainable project in design: project team advice.

3. Additional studies by specialists to justify the necessary requirements to ensure the goal of sustainability and well-being certifications.

4. Sustainable project on site: technical assistance to the construction company.

5. Analysis and monitoring of the life cycle for sustainability certifications: LEED O+M, BREEAM In Use.

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