Facility & Asset Management

At JG Ingenieros we understand the importance of Facility Management (FM) in the business environment. Effective FM management is essential for the proper functioning of an organization and for the optimal development of its activities, since it comprehensively impacts all aspects of the company. In this sense, we focus on three key strategic points to guarantee excellence in this area:

  • Optimization of costs in the useful life of buildings.
  • Preparation and management of contracts for service companies.
  • Support and advice to the client in all phases of the process.


We offer comprehensive solutions to optimize operational efficiency and maximize asset value.

Service management models

Infrastructure and service management

Tender documents

Service quality control

Technical exploitation management

Life cycle and cost analysis


1. Knowledge and foresight : we understand the specific needs of each client and anticipate future challenges.

2. Rules of the game : we establish clear definitions of the contracted services and management parameters.

3. Project development : we carry out facility maintenance, cleaning, gardening, construction elements, technical audit, assessment of the current state, equipment inventory.

4. Commitment and quality : We are committed to offering high quality services that meet the expectations of our clients.

5. Recording and measurement : We implement recording and measurement systems to evaluate the performance and effectiveness of our services.

6. Evaluation and control : we carry out periodic evaluations to guarantee compliance with established quality and efficiency standards.

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