Pre-sizing of Facilities

AreaTest is a digital Form based on the book “ Instalaciones a Palmos ” with which, in a simple way and with very few data, we can be used to obtain an estimate of the powers, surfaces, locations and approximate loads to reserve and take into account for the different installations of the building to be designed. The guide is titled “Instalaciones a Palmos” to frame the degree of precision of the calculation and sizing tools for the facility systems presented.

Digital form

Using the following data, a report will be automatically generated with the results, that you will receive by email. The necessary data to make the estimate is:

Building typology

Surface and number of floors


Climate installation type

It might be thought that the emergence of BIM in projects would make preliminary studies for the implementation of the different installations in buildings unnecessary. But we think the opposite is true: the enormous effort required to solve the 3D models of buildings makes their correct initial approach more important. This way we will avoid back-and-forth, trial-and-error developments in the detailed design (executive projects) of the building facilities.

The objective of the tool is twofold:

First, provide the necessary information to help the competent architectural technician respond to the requirements of the master plan or the specifications regarding the provision of spaces required by the facilities in Phase I of the project.

In Phase II, essential information is provided for preliminary and alternative studies at the conceptual architectural design stage. Regarding facilities, this involves the preparation of a rough sizing approximation. This estimate should include powers and flows to define and select the adequate equipment and components, as well as providing a starting point from which to estimate the surface and height required to accomodate them and the appropriate conduit sizing.

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