Our Partners

First Q Network

JG Ingenieros is a founding partner of First Q Network, a European network of building engineering companies created with the purpose of exchanging knowledge and providing the necessary local support in international projects.

First Q Network provides all kinds of services related to local knowledge as it is the key to successfully completing trans-European projects during the life cycle of a building, from the basic project to post-construction services such as building maintenance.

First Q Network currently has members in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain and United Kingdom. It brings together a total of 4,000 professionals, and its aggregate turnover in 2020 was €400 million.


JG Ingenieros is the promoter, together with Pinearq arquitectos, of the portal HOSPITECNIA.COM,a meeting point for consulting, architecture and hospital engineering.

Hospitecnia has 50,000 registered users and communicates its newsletter weekly to more than 20,000 subscribers.

UPC-JG Chair

Established in 2001, this University – Business Chair carries out research projects and dissemination of relevant technologies from the point of view of sustainability in building.

It currently has three main lines of activity:

  • Simulation of the thermal behavior of buildings.
  • Behavior of facades in double skin
  • Validation of simulations in real situation.


Company established in 2021, provides consulting, BIM implementation and project management services. Also specialized in the generation of BIM models for the entire construction life cycle.


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