Casa Burés

Barcelona | Spain

JG Ingenieros has been responsible for the engineering project and the construction management of facilities for the rehabilitation of a building for housing. The building consists of basement, ground floor, main, four upper floors and roof; It is located on Girona street 10-12 corner with Ausiàs Marc 30-32 in Barcelona. The promoter has been “Casa Burés Residencial”, of the Promoter Group “Bonavista Developments”

It is a modernist building built in the early twentieth century rehabilitated for use as luxury homes, in the building there are cataloged rooms that have had to be restored and protected to maintain their original design, so in some cases it has had to establish fire protection given the impossibility of acting on the existing structural elements.

The building is made up of 26 homes distributed over six floors (ground, main and first to fourth), a basement for facilities, storage rooms and areas for community use (gym area, pool and jacuzzi), and a cover for facilities and areas also communal (pool and solarium area). The total constructed area is 7,400 m2.

Promoter: Bonavista Developments.

Architect: TdB Arquitectura, S.L.

Facilities budget: €3.5 million

End: 2019

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