Diagonal 409 Office Building

Barcelona | Spain

The project consists of a comprehensive reform of an office building of 4,800 m2, with two commercial premises, located in the center of Barcelona, in order to adapt it to the new needs of future tenants and improve its level of sustainability and eco-efficiency.

Among the actions that have been carried out are the realization of an integral treatment of the façade changing all the existing carpentry for efficient aluminum carpentry with thermal bridge break and selective glass of low emissivity.

At the level of installations, the current ones are adapted to the requirements of energy efficiency and interior environmental quality marked by LEED: installation of high efficiency lighting with light control; creation of a new greywater network for reuse in the building itself; renewal of the primary air system incorporating new filtration systems, air wetting and flow control systems; incorporation of photovoltaic modules on the roof for the generation of electrical energy, etc. After the implementation of all these actions, the building has been awarded the LEED-CS Gold certification.

JG Ingenieros is a member of the USGBC and has LEED accredited professionals who have led the coordination of the LEED certification process, including the realization of the energy simulation according to ASHRAE 90.1 standard.

Additionally, JG Ingenieros through TEST JG, has acted as the authority of the Commissioning of the project and has developed the Measurement & Verification Plan according to the international EVO protocol.

Promoter: Colonial Real Estate

Architect: Octavi Mestre Architects

End: 2014 (leed CS certification)

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