Natura Bissé Headquarters

Barcelona | Spain

JG Ingenieros has developed the engineering project and the construction management of the facilities for the building destined to house the new corporate headquarters of Natura Bissé International S.A.. The building consists of 2 basement floors, ground floor, three upper floors and roof; is located in the Parc de l’Alba, in Cerdanyola del Vallés, Barcelona.

It is a newly built building to house the headquarters, research center, production and general distribution warehouse of Natura Bissé. The total constructed area is 14,500 m2

The building is built under the parameters of sustainability and energy efficiency with the placement of photovoltaic panels and LED technology in the interiors. It is connected to an energy distribution network with existing polygeneration in the Parc de l’Alba, a rainwater recovery facility for irrigation and exterior cleaning.

Promoter: Natura Bissé International, S.A.

Architect: TdB Arquitectura, S.L.

Facilities budget: €5 million

End: 2019

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