SI-20 Montepino Logistics Platform

Cabanillas del Campo | Spain

The SI-20 Montepino Logistics Platform is located in the municipality of Cabanillas del Campo (Guadalajara), in Sector SI20, in the largest national Logistics Hub, in the Henares corridor, next to the access to the R2 Highway and the A2 Highway, the main axis of distribution of goods nationwide.

The total constructed area of 122,700 m², distributed in 6 buildings (A – F).

Currently these ships are occupied by the companies, LOGISTA, SIMOES, XPO and DSV.

The SI20 Platform has the highest technical specifications of quality and complete facilities (free height of 12 m, ratio of springs of 1/800 m², concrete structure and enclosure, wide maneuvering beaches, fire system with sprinklers type ESFR, etc.).

This building has achieved a high level of energy efficiency and sustainability, which has led to the achievement of LEED GOLD certification.

Promoter: Montepino Investments.

Architecture: Tectónica AZM46

LEED AP: JG Ingenieros

Engineering: JG Ingenieros

Commissioning authority: Test JG

End: 2015

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