Chulucanas Hospital

Piura | Peru

JG Ingenieros in collaboration with Conurma has developed the Chulucanas Hospital project, in the province of Piura, Peru, for the OHLA construction company. It is part of the Comprehensive Plan for Reconstruction with Changes led by the ARCC, an entity attached to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, of an exceptional and temporary nature.

The objective was the reconstruction of all the physical infrastructure damaged by the El Niño Costero phenomenon, which had seriously affected the Chulucanas Hospital, among others. The hospital is located south of the urban area of Chulucanas, occupying a plot of about 25,000m2, and provides healthcare services to an estimated population of 82,500 inhabitants.

The building is resolved in three heights, organized around three large interior patios that introduce shade and ventilation to the 20 different medical environments and the 90 rooms that it has. It is a robust and flexible typology at the same time, which allows different combinations to respond to future needs. In front of the hospital, a beautiful garden area has been designed to be used by patients and relatives, providing the building with an entrance in accordance with the importance of the equipment.

In this area, in addition, sufficient space has been reserved to accommodate additional functional units that meet the new care demands.

Promoter: OHL-ARRC

Architect: JG Ingenieros and Conurma

Facilities budget: 136 million soles S/

End: 2022

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