Stradivarius Headquarters

Barcelona | Spain

The new headquarters of Stradivarius is located in the Parc de l’Alba de Cerdanyola del Vallès.

The building consists of 45,170 m2 of offices that are distributed over 3 floors and a ground floor parking with capacity for 287 vehicles. The workspaces, flooded with natural light, are characterized by being diaphanous, large and with free heights of 4.5 meters in some areas.

A project has been designed that integrates spaces with the current architectural conception to achieve LEED-NC GOLD certification. To achieve this high level of sustainability, the building has followed, among others, the following strategies:

  • Reduction of the use of drinking water by more than 90% through the reuse of gray and rainwater for the discharge of urinals and toilets.
  • Use of CO2 probes that regulate the ventilation flow depending on the actual occupancy.
  • High efficiency light installation and power regulation depending on the contribution of natural light.
  • Use of native vegetation with very low need for irrigation.
  • Power supply of the district heating plant.


JG Ingenieros has developed the project of technical installations guaranteeing compliance with LEED requirements, using the BIM methodology and has carried out the work of construction management of technical installations.

Promoter: Inditex

Architecture: Batlle i Roig

Facilities budget: 13 million €

End: 2017

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