Dentaid Research Center

Barcelona | Spain

JG Ingenieros has provided the architecture and facilities engineering service for the new Physical-Chemical and Microbiology Laboratories of Dentaid, located in Cerdanyola de Vallès, Barcelona.

The new works carried out have made it possible to convert part of a plant formerly destined for R&D laboratories into the new Physical-Chemical and Microbiology laboratories with a total area of 326m2. The plant where the new laboratories are implanted is structured by a central corridor that divides it into two parts. The performance focuses on one side of the corridor (hallway included) and the service spaces located at both ends of the aisle.

The first microbiology laboratory consists of a large open space that forms the main laboratory. From there you can access the service rooms, such as the sample warehouse, the autoclave room and the office of the laboratory manager. The second laboratory, that of Physico-Chemicals, is developed in the same way, you access a large diaphanous space that forms the bulk of the activity of the laboratory and from there you access the Chromatography room, where the HPLC’s and the office are located.

Promoter: DENTAID, S.L.

Architecture: JG Ingenieros, S.A.

Budget: €1,1 million

End: 2019

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