JG Ingenieros certifies the 1st SmartScore building in Spain for Gmp

SmartScore has certified the Arqbórea building of Gmp Property in Madrid at its Gold level, being the first building in Spain to achieve this, and the fourth in the world.

SmartScore is the first objective and international certification that assesses the level of digitization of buildings, their technological capacity and functionalities for users.

Gmp’s innovation department and JG’s technical team have worked for two years to incorporate the best technological solutions that work collaboratively, to respond to the emerging needs of the new era of offices, ensuring an optimal experience for its users. and guaranteeing the highest standards in terms of sustainability, safety, well-being and health.

In early 2020 the Covid pandemic forced a rethink in the way we occupy workspaces. For this reason, JG and Gmp reconsidered the smart proposal made so far to prioritize those technological solutions that allow reducing the spread of the virus in closed spaces: air quality control, contactless solutions, capacity controls and cleaning.

JG Ingenieros has acted in this project as an advisor to Gmp accredited by SmartScore.