Chapmanbdsp joins First Q Network, that reaches 14 members

The leading building services consulting engineering company, based in the U.K., joined First Q at our last general meeting that took place on-line at the 7th and 8th of October.

Chapmanbdsp is a very well established engineering practice, with a total staff of 180 people, and projects in United Kingdom, Europe, USA and Middle East.

The First Q members shared experience and ideas general meeting. Combined turnover will reach 360 M€ (up 11% from 2020), and total workforce is now 3.600 people (up 13% from last year). The average market confidence index remains stable at 4 out of 5, with Italy, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg being the most positive countries.

The strategy part of the meeting was focused on “Creating Value from Digital Services”, and Ville Reinikainen (Granlund) and Brian Coogan (Ethos) shared their companies’ experiences and projects. We also had the participation of Mr. Aleix Valls, special guest speaker.

Some of the ideas proposed were:


  • We must design for performance instead of design for compliance
  • We must go from Nice-to-Have to Must-Have
  • We must go from Monitoring to Managing
  • We must go from Tech-Push to Market-Pull
  • We must find the value proposition for our client, or for the client of our client. Think of new revenues for our client.
  • We must focus on user-experience.
  • CO2 reduction is the key driver


  • Three different businesses: app development, platform development, consultancy (solutions selection)


  • The building is really a software product.
  • An intelligent building is also a healthy building.
  • You cannot achieve a carbon neutral building without digital tools.
  • Design for people and performance.
  • The biggest market is retrofit.

Next meeting will take place in March 2022, hopefully face-to-face.