New Industrial Doctorate program at JG

On September 7, the launch meeting of the second Industrial Doctorate program that we will develop at JG Ingenieros took place.

The doctorate will be carried out by our architect Yeny Marquez (from the JG Consultoría team at the Barcelona office), with the preliminary title: Design and implementation of strategic solutions for sustainability and circularity, applied to architecture, construction and their integration in BIM models. The objective is to generate knowledge in the systematization of design decisions aimed at maximizing the use of materials throughout the entire life cycle of a building.

The doctoral thesis will be supervised by professors Eva Cuerva and Pau Pujadas, from ETSEIB, and tutored by Vicens García, director of the construction engineering department of JG Ingenieros. The work has a scholarship to the doctoral student, the company and the university from the Department of Research and Universities of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

This is an ambitious three-year project, and it is the second we have tackled at JG after the ongoing thesis on Smart Buildings that Gil Vinyeta, from our JG Consultoría team, is currently developing.