Monitoring committee of the UPC-JG chair

On July 14, the monitoring commission of the UPC-JG chair met in person, after almost two years of not doing so, due to Covid.

The commission is made up of Pere Alavedra and Eduard Egusquiza, former directors of the chair; Andreu Arriola, architect and professor at the Barcelona School of Architecture; Pere Esquerra, a former collaborator of JG and an expert in air conditioning; Eva Cuerva, director of the chair; and Juan Gallostra. The commission’s mission is to guide the future work of the chair and review the progress of ongoing projects.

The main ongoing project was reported, which is the research agreement between the chair and Montepino Logística to improve the comfortable environmental conditions of logistics warehouses where Inditex operates. After a first agreement already fulfilled, we are now developing the second.

It was also informed of the scholarships that are active for final master’s projects.

This year 2021 will mark the 20 years of operation of the UPC-JG chair, which signed its constitution in December 2021, and which is one of the first business chairs at the UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia).