First Q Network companies combined staff will be 2.900 in 2020

First Q Network celebrated its autumn general meeting last 15th October, again by video-conference.

All members shared their visions and projects for the future, such as The Link tower in La Défense, Paris (image), to be engineered by French First Q member, Barbanel. Partners agreed that Covid-19 is a risk but also an opportunity for all companies. Combined turnover will reach 305 M€ (2% increase over last year).

FQ members think that it is critical to be present in what will be the most active sectors for 2021: Public sector and public-private partnerships, hospitals, datacentres, energy projects. There should also be a relevant amount of work in small to medium renovation projects.

First Q Building Physics working group explained their preparation of a new white paper on Net Zero Energy Buildings: explaining countries’ specific regulations for nZEB and example projects by each office, followed by a comprehensive comparison aiming to find common denominators in the design of such buildings.

The network board of directors was re-elected for a two-year period: Nicolas Vyncke, Greg Hayden, Fabio Viero and Juan Gallostra. The network also accepted the resignation of BWB consulting (U.K.) as member.

The meeting ended with a combined presentation by Marco Waldhauser and Greg Hayden on Artificial Intelligence application to MEP engineering and different Silicon Valley business cases.

Next meeting will take place in May 2021.