WiredScore & SmartScore

Today we share with all of you the fifth article of the Smart Building Series. In this installment, we delve into the current state of the Spanish Smart Buildings market through the leading certifications, WiredScore and SmartScore.

For this reason, the article is titled: “WiredScore & SmartScore – Reference certifications in the field of Smart Buildings”.

Since their launch in Spain in 2021, these certifications have been catalysts for change in the way we conceive, build, evaluate and compare smart buildings. In the article, we explain what both certifications consist of and we explain the reasons why we think you should opt for them. We also analyze the latest updates made at the end of 2023, designed to adapt to the needs, requirements, concerns and emerging standards of the market.

At JG Ingenieros SA we have supported these certifications from the beginning. We have three accredited professionals, Gil Vinyeta Medina , Miguel Esteras Gómez and Juan Gallostra Acín and we are proud to be the Spanish engineering company with the most experience in the certification process, with more than 15 processes completed.