Presentation of the book ¨Introducción a las instalaciones del Bloque Quirúrgico¨

In JG Ingenieros we have the tradition of working and publishing books on topics related to facilities engineering, to disseminate our knowledge as building designers.

In this line, we have just published the book ‘Introducción a las instalaciones del Bloque Quirúrgico’, where we systematize how the main facilities of this essential hospital service should be.

On the occasion of the publication of the book, on April 20 we organized, together with Hospitecnia and the IL3 of the University of Barcelona, the online colloquium: Innovation in the surgical block: design, operation and management.

The objective of this colloquium was to share experiences and proposals that can be used to launch ideas for improvement for health infrastructures in different countries. The colloquium was focused on talking about innovation in health and innovation in the surgical block in particular, since innovation is essential as a means for progress.

The session was divided into two blocks. In the first part, the colloquium was held, moderated by Juan Gallostra, with the participation of three professionals from the sector:

  • Manel del Castillo, Managing Director of SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital.
  • Carlos Aguilar, Regional Project Manager at AUNA.
  • Luis Mosquera, Industrial Engineer, President of the Spanish Association of Hospital Engineering.

The second part of the session was dedicated to the presentation of the book ‘Introducción a las instalaciones del bloque quirúrgico’, by Julio Morá.