JG Place Analytics Report

Why do we want technology in buildings? JG Smart Buildings Insights

With the progressive implementation of Smart technology in buildings, it seems increasingly important to us to specify and calibrate the benefit that these Smart solutions bring to their operation. It is about answering the question: Why all this technology?, to go from an approach where the Smart Building is a “nice to have” to a “must have”.

At JG we propose, as you know, the implementation of an integration platform for installed Smart solutions, which monitors their operation, in line with what smart certification systems such as Smartscore are requiring. Our own platform is IRIS JG, competing with other existing solutions on the market. It is also very important that the platform generate the building performance analytics reports, what we have come to call the PLACE ANALYTICS REPORT. At the portfolio, building or area level, the report summarizes the evolution of the chosen ESG sustainability, health and productivity indicators, and presents possible improvement actions.

At JG Ingenieros we are able to help our clients throughout this process:

  1. Definition of smart solutions to be implemented in the building. Bidding, construction management, commissioning of the different solutions.
  2. Establishment of criteria for the selection and operation of the integration platform: parameterization, alarm system, generation of analytical reports.
  3. Bidding for the integration platform, commissioning of the same, technical assistance in the operation of the building based on the reports generated.