Fire safety is one of the biggest concerns faced when designing large buildings or complex installations. JG Ingenieros uses innovative computer programs that simulate these risk situations and allow to have the appropriate data to design the facilities with a high degree of reliability.

For Fire Simulation, programs based on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) are used, which allow modeling different fire scenarios, analyzing their causes, knowing their progression within the building and estimating their effects on goods and people.

FDS Program

The program used is the FDS (Fire Dynamic Simulator) specifically designed to reproduce the phenomenon of fire in closed and open spaces. It is possible to have, for example, the following data:

Temperatures, speeds, direction and density of gases from combustion.

Degree of visibility.

Concentration of toxic gases from combustion.

The rate of heat generated during combustion.

Surface temperatures of structural elements, etc.

Through the simulation of evacuation of people it is possible to analyze the evacuation process of the building obtaining the eviction times and it is also possible to visually detect the most conflictive points, so that substantial improvements can be proposed in the evacuation plans.

Within the section of Emergency Plans, studies are carried out for the preparation and implementation of the Emergency and Evacuation Plan of the building in accordance with the requirements of the regulations in force.

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