Energy - net ZEB

Energy is one of the critical elements in the design and operation of buildings and infrastructures. From energy-efficient buildings we have to evolve to net zero energy buildings and positive energy buildings (which provide the system with more energy than they consume).

Energy management

The conceptual scheme applied in JG Ingenieros to energy management has four steps:

1. Reduction of energy demand and consumption.
2. Use of renewable energies to meet optimized demand.
3. Energy utilization and high-efficiency conventional systems.
4. Management of available energy tariffs.

JG offers in this field the services of calculation of energy demand and energy certification through, and energy simulation of buildings with different computer tools (HAP of Carrier, TAS of EDSL).

For existing buildings, JG Ingenieros has extensive experience in conducting Energy Audits. The audit includes the different energy consumption and proposes the improvement measures and their economic impact in terms of investment and return on it.

JG Ingenieros can also act as an energy services company (ESE, ESCO), especially in the field of Thermal Biomass, where it has experience and references. The integral energy service is offered: feasibility study, technical project, obtaining financing, construction of the installation, fuel supply and management of the operation and maintenance of the equipment.

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