FIRST Q Network celebrates its autumn meeting in Barcelona
Last bi-annual First Q Network meeting took place in Barcelona from the 14th to 16th of November. All eleven partners were present in an intense and fruitful meeting.

It all started on Wednesday the 14th, when the Smart Buildings Group had their meeting at our JG offices and with the visit to the Smart City Expo in Fira Barcelona. Thursday they had the first part of the general meeting. The board of directors was re-elected for a period of two years (Juan Gallostra - Spain, Fabio Viero - Italy, Greg Hayden - Ireland), with the incorporation of Nicolas Vyncke from Belgium.
The consolidated and individual figures of the members were reviewed. The total turnover is expected to be 278 M€ (compared to 265 M€ last year), and the staff will stay stable at 2.500 people. Most of the countries were expecting a 2019 quite similar to 2018.
The activities of the different groups were analysed: Smart Buildings, Building Physics, BIM, Marketing.

We also had some time for a nice dinner in Plaza Reial, on a very rainy day!