First Q meeting in Brugge
Last 16th and 17th November we held our bi-annual First Q Network meeting in the offices of our Belgian partner (Ingenium) in Brugge.
The first part of the meeting was dedicated, as usual, to the review of on-going First Q activities (according to our FQ activity plan) and the report from the different members.

Several technical groups and activities are on-going:

- Promotion to international clients.
- Partnerships.
- New members.
- Engineers exchange programme.
- BIM technical group.
- Building Physics group.
- Smart Buildings group.
- Marketing.
- European funded research group.
- Maintenance management.

Then all members explained about their country situation. The general perspectives are quite optimistic for next year. Aggregated figures for the group are 274 million € turnover for 2017 (up from 245 million previous year) and 2.800 total staff (up from 2.650 in 2016)