First Q is a European network of 13 MEP consulting engineering companies, with a total staff of 2.900 people and a combined 2019 turnover of 300 M€. JG Ingenieros is the Spanish member of First Q.

In order to know the precise general and business situation, we conducted a questionnaire among the CEOs of the different companies and these are the results. The answers were provided from 10th to 13th April.

- Most of the companies say there are coping quite well with the covid-19 crisis situation, still quite busy and carrying on with their projects. All of them are looking at how to cope with eventual future losses of invoicing and cash flow.

- When asked about the country situation about lockdown, on the 13th of April, half of the members were in full lockdown and the other half in partial lockdown.

- Only in Sweden, Finland, Germany, Portugal, England and Lithuania were building sites open at that date, but most of them declare they had supply chain and/or labour disruptions.

- Nearly all members say that some of their projects have been put on hold, except Sweden, Lithuania and Holland. Nearly all projects at design stage were continuing, and most concern was placed in pipeline projects

- 10 out of the 13 countries consultants have applied some form of an employment freeze, but so far only Spain and Belgium had put labour cost reduction policies, such as temporary lay staff off or reduce salaries.

- Most of the countries governments’ have announced different support for businesses, like subsidizing companies for not laying personnel off, plus postponement of taxes and/or guaranteed loans.

- When asked about business opportunities that may arise from this terrible situation, our CEOs answered:

o Some experience staff will be available from competitors
o New ways of working: mix remote and office working post crisis
o Less real estate will be needed for staff but smart offices will be required
o Re-design of HVAC and other building services will be required
o Most active sectors will be: data centre, healthcare, pharmaceutical and logistics.