AEO conference in Barcelona

On May 31, we participated in the conference of the Spanish Association of Offices in Barcelona, where the relationship between Offices and Cities was discussed.

Mamen Gallostra, Josep Túnica and Juan Gallostra attended the conference.

We began with a round table on the topic of Offices and Cities, with the participation of Iñigo Ortiz (architect), Ramón García Bragado (lawyer), Miquel Morell (economist) and Francisco Hugas (promoter).

After a very interesting explanation by David Martinez, urban planning manager of the Barcelona City Council, on the current situation and prospects for the development of the 22@ district of Barcelona, we toured the streets and buildings of 22@, and ended with a conclusion Jaume Collboni (first deputy mayor of the Barcelona City Council) and a snack where we were able to talk to many of the 80 attendees, between Barcelona and Madrid.